Dual Port Car Charger

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Dual port car charger overview:

Brand Name: BWOO

Product Model: CC54

Material: ABS+PC fireproof material

Input: DC 12-24V

Port: 2USB

Color: White

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Warranty: 12months

Certificate: CE/UL/FCC/Rohs

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Normal questions about Dual Port car charger:

Q1: There is a USB interface on the car, so it is unnecessary to use extra USB port car charger?

A1: Many people think that having a USB port in the car, so it not necessary to buy a USB port car charger.In fact, most of the in-car USB is set for audio data transmission, so the current of USB interface in car is only 0.5A mostly. If the charging current can't match to standard of device, the devices would get heat.

Q2. What conditions do high-quality dual port car chargers need to meet?

A2: Firstly, the actual demand of Lithium battery charging (constant voltage CV, constant current CC, over-voltage protection OVP) should be considered when choosing a multi USB port or dual port car charger. 

Secondly, the harsh environment of on-board battery (transient peak voltage, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.) should be taken into account.

Therefore, the power management IC selected for the car charging scheme must simultaneously meet the following requirements: switching power chip with high voltage resistance, high efficiency, high reliability and low frequency (conducive to EMI design).

Q3: The battery power decreases when charging by USB port car charger?

A3: Sometimes people like charging while GPS in car. When the amount of electricity consumed in meanwhile is greater than the amount of electricity charged, it would decrease.


Q1: Can we get a sample of this dual port car charger?

A1: Yes. We can offer the sample for your test.

Q2: Can you provide the packing box with our design?

A2: We can provide you OEM service of packing box with your design. If you need our support, we can help with design for your reference.

Q3: If I prefer to ship by DHL express will you do that for me?

A3: Yes, we will shipping the products as your request.

Q4: How to ship your goods of this dual port car charger ?

A4: We can ship by air or by sea. If you have your cargo agent, we can delivery to them.

Q5:How should I pay?

A5: You can pay USD/RMB via T/T. If you prefer other payment terms, please contact us for more details.

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