Bluetooth Earpod

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Material: Copper Wire

Bluetooth version: V5.0

Bluetooth Distance: 10M

Rated Power: 3mw

Battery capacity: 130mAh

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Bluetooth Earpod

If you've never owned a pair of Bluetooth Earpod before, here are 5 reasons you really should know as below:

• Hands-free use, no safety worries.

• Keeps you focused, Keep your phone unlocked with trusted devices.

• Helps improve productivity, Battery life is great.

• User-friendly, Sound quality and connection stability are much improved.

• Low interference, High-quality Bluetooth codecs have come a long way.

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Product parameter

Material Copper Wire
Bluetooth version V5.0
Bluetooth Distance 10M
Rated Power 3mw
Battery capacity 130mAh
Working time 6H
Sensitivity -42 + / - 3dB
Color Black, white
Function Microphone
Type Bluetooth Earpod 5.0
Bluetooth Earpod (2)
Bluetooth Earpod (3)

Wired headphones don’t support this feature because they’re not able to broadcast anything to your phone. But if you’re not into fitness straps or other wearable, you can still enjoy the benefits of Trusted Devices by granting your Bluetooth Earpod the power to keep your phone unlocked. And if you’re the type to keep your headphones either on your ears or around your neck at all times like I am, Trusted Devices can be a massive time saver every single day.

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Bluetooth Earpod work on basically everything, so long as you have a dongle or phone with a headphone jack. If you feel like higher quality audio for a bit, just plug your regular headphones in. Want to go play basketball but don’t want wires getting in the way of your three point jumper? Switch to Bluetooth. There’s absolutely no reason not to have both wired and wireless headphones and use one or the other depending on the situation. Unless you’ve actually got a pair of Bluetooth Earpod, you’re stuck without options.

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Q1: We currently sell in Malaysia and South Africa, but the sales is low as i haven’t promoted it yet, the MOQ of your cable is 3000pcs, can you customize two logo and two package with each 1500pcs ?
A1: If you have 10 stores with 5kpcs, each store can only be divided into 500pcs, it’s not enough, will you offer us your better solution?

Q2: I am a specialist for ** company, I have a client who is now entrusting me to find a headphone supplier. Please send me more details and quotation of data cable/car charger .
A2: Is there a custom logo requirement? If we can provide free packaging design and sample confirmation service.

Q3: What is your daily production quantity?
A3: We have 9 production lines, and the normal production capacity is 30,000 per day.

Q4: How long does the sample have to be stocked?
A4: Normal is 3-7 days

Q5: How long is the normal product production time?
A5: 7-10 days

Q6: What new style do you have?
A6: 10-15 new models will be updated every month. What are your requirements for the products?

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